SANATHANA®, is the brainchild of Sri. G. V. Reddy, whose main goal is to bring back the age-old tradition of storing and reading ancient scriptures and books on Palm Leaf manuscripts. Palm Leaf manuscripts were used by our ancestors to record religious practices and ancient scriptures. Palm leaves were commonly used as writing material, which were then bound in book form, to facilitate easy transportation and exchange.
Today, people can view palm leaf manuscripts only in museums or oriental libraries. To change this, and make palm leaf manuscript easily accessible and affordable to the common man, was one of the major factors, behind the birth of SANATHANA®.


Palm leaf manuscripts are an example of the efforts that  went into the spread of knowledge. Palm leaves were among the first writing materials to be used, and some sources say that Sanskrit was first written on this material more … Continue reading “TALAPATRA HISTORY”

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