FAQ’s(Frequently Asked Questions)

Are these manuscripts antiques?
No, these are newly manufactured in India – but they possess the same qualities of the palm leaf manuscripts of ancient times

Why one should purchase these manuscripts?

These palm leaf manuscripts can be purchased by people, who would want to experience, the feeling of reading ancient texts on palm leaf manuscripts, the way it was actually done centuries ago by saints and sages. SANATHANA ‘s palm leaf manuscripts can also serve as a perfect gift for people and the corporate  who value ancient Indian culture.

What is the material used in manufacture of these manuscripts?

The Palm leaves used in our palm leaf manuscripts are collected from natural Palm trees such as Palmaria & Talipot, sourced from select regions in India

Are these manuscripts waterproof?

The manuscripts are water-resistant, meaning; accidental spillage of water would not cause any damage to the leaves. The engraved text on the leaf is waterproof.

What is the life of the Palm leaf manuscript?

If properly preserved as per our instructions, the palm leaf manuscripts can last for few centuries.

Does SANATHANA offer any kind of Warranty or Refunds?

The primary aim of SANATHANA  is to ensure customer satisfaction with our product. We guarantee that our products will be free from any manufacturing defects, and is thoroughly checked, before delivery. But considering the fragile nature of the product, we cannot offer any warranty or refunds.

How can I order a SANATHANA Palm Leaf Manuscript?

you can  purchase of our palm leaf manuscripts by our e commerce site www.sanathana.net. With all credit / debit cards

How will my order be delivered?

Your order will reach you through  National / International Courier services.

How many Days would it take to deliver my order?

Your order delivery should be complete within 2 weeks in India and 4 weeks outside India

Do you have any customer service agent here in the USA?

Yes, you can speak to our representative, the helpline number is (404)918-4140